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's one of the issues. charles krauthammer says you know what? don't believe everything you hear either. is this more spin from the white house. is he calling this basically a fraud, listen. >> they had announced this when they were in trouble at the near of october as we are going to have it fixed. there is a tape you showed yesterday of way it was supposed to be working. this is simply another example of administration that's not only can't shoot straight but can't talk straight. everything they tell you about obamacare, everyone knows is a fudge or a hedge or a guess or a prayer or an outright deception. this is another one of those, you know, that's multiple choice, a, b, c, d, or e. you choose which one you want but it's not the truth. >> accord to the "wall street journal" too. the accurate time sending information to the insurers. one of the reasons they are still deal with on healthcare dot gof. do you trust the web site with that sensitive information or is it vulnerable to hacking or vulnerable to something being inadvertently sent to the wrong pepper. >> if we taken this mone
are really the star of the show. you manage to get us here awake and alive this morning. i don't know how did you it. >> there you go. that's not a loser stage manager. >> look who is here this morning. juliet huddy. >> i forget how much paperwork there is. >> oh there is a lot of paperwork. >> there is a lot to know at 6:00 a.m. >> if you were watching yesterday or sleeping, brand new video this morning, showing the moment that complete chaos at the international los angeles international airport. killing a tsa agent and wounding six others. watch this video. >> on the floor. on the floor now. at this hour the suspect' is in custody. we are learning a lot about him, including a motive. >> will carr is in los angeles with the latest on the story. what you can tell us? bring us up to date. >> good morning, guys. overnight we learned a lot more about the man who was shot and killed yesterday morning. police say that 39-year-old hernandez was shot inside of lax. he was a tsa agent and father of two. at the same time we are learning more about the gunman. he still alive. the fbi says 23-year-old
not happen. the president has promised to veto it against these plans because they don't offer enough coverage. the truth suspect simpler than that. they need you and you and me and a lot of you out there to pay more than you need to pay in order to subsidize people who aren't paying anything right now. right? this is a wealth transfer. that's exactly the heart of this plan. >> go ahead. >> they need the healthy young americans to sign up otherwise, there is going to be this death spiral that we have been hearing about. >> the white house saying look, these plans are bad. they are saying these plans have what's known as rescission inside of them, which is, that, look, once you start piling up those medical bills, these are scam insurance policies that we are going to drop you from your insurance coverage because you got sick and you don't want these plans anyway. >> so supreme who can't build a web site are going to it assess what a good healthcare plan is? no the plans from the white house side because they are not expensive enough. the extra money you pay for coverage you don't need
. >>> did you see, i don't know even know what the segment is, but there was a naked man down the hall. >> very inappropriate. >> you never know wa you're going to find on fox & friends. >> here, unbelievable setup we've got. >> first, we've got some headlines. >> we'll get right to that. overnight, a security breach at the seattle washington airport. police say a man believed to be on drugs crashed through airport security. then ran away and somehow ended up on an american airlines plane. he was taken into custody after putting up a fight with police officers and tsa agents. he is now facing several charges. >>> also happening while you were sleeping, a jury finds a utah doctor guilty of killing his wife. >> we tell jury having reviewed the evidence and testimony in the case find the defendant of count one murder guilty. and to count two, obstruction of justice, guilty dated this 9th day of november. >> family of michelle macneill crying out in the courtroom as the guilty verdict is read. it took 1 is hours for jurors to convict martin macneill of drowning his wife in the bathroom. pr
this they don't. neighborhood yard makes front yard vegetable gardens illegal. are they a threat to america? >> it's a threat to our neighborhood, i know that much. >> from pretending our alarm clocks didn't go off to blame blaming traffics. did you know that half of you tell lies about being late? what's the most popular excuse you use? we've got the answer straight ahead. i didn't have my coffee this morning, that's why i stumbled through that that's my excuse. "fox & friends" begins right now. >> good morning, this is gavini. you are watching my "fox & friends," baby. >> my favorite hairstylist she did mine this morning. >> gorge. our makeup staff and hair staff are a ray of sunshine. >> we stumble in blurried eyed. >> speaking of everybody being blurried eyed. i could hear our crew out in the hallway. they said today is going to be a great day. >> the other guy said why is that? >> because there is expresso and all kinds of alcoholic thanksgiving drinks that are going to be passed around later. >> that's what we need on had this show. >> splurge segment. >> national expresso day. so tuc
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5